BerGenBio ASA

BerGenBio ASA is a publicly listed (Oslo stock exchange; BGBIO) clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a pipeline of first-in-class AXL kinase inhibitors as a potential cornerstone of combination cancer therapy. The Company is a world leader in understanding the essential role of AXL kinase in mediating aggressive disease, including immune evasive, drug resistant, metastatic solid and haematological cancers. BerGenBio’s lead product, bemcentinib (BGB324), is a selective, potent and orally bio-available small molecule AXL inhibitor in several company-sponsored Phase II clinical trials in major cancer indications, including numerous investigator-sponsored trials. Bemcentinib is currently the only selective AXL inhibitor in clinical development. BerGenBio is also developing a companion diagnostic test to identify patient subpopulations most likely to benefit from treatment with bemcentinib. The company is also developing a diversified pre-clinical pipeline of drug candidates, including BGB149, an anti-AXL monoclonal antibody. For further information, please visit: