Sarsia Seed invests in early-stage science and technology based companies operating in the areas of Energy / Technology and Biotechnology / Life Sciences. A typical first round of investment will be in the area of 2-5 million NOK for a 10% to 40% ownership stake. The fund always allocate capital for follow on investments as the company matures.  Sarsia Seed is keen to attract co-investments from professional and/or corporate investors as early as possible so as to carry prospects forward at the fastest possible pace.

Investment sectors

Early-stage start-up companies look for more than just financial support from their investors. Thus, we aim to add value to our investments by contributing our expertise towards the companies’ technological and/or commercial development.  Sarsia Seed is primarily looking for companies with an attachment to Norway but may also invest in European based companies if the fit is good.



Biotechnology/Life Sciences

  • Biomedicine and Biotechnology
  • Medical instrumentation and technology platforms
  • Medical diagnostics and other biotechnology products
  • Marine and aquaculture technology


  • Sensors, Analytics, Industrial IoT

  • Material technology, solar, battery, sustainable production technologies

  • Electric power analytics, control and monitoring technologies

  • Technologies for energy production, efficient use and distribution

  • Advanced analytics, machine learning, AI, hardware and Software service models.

Sarsia is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and a member of Norsif.

Sarsia supports the Paris Agreement, the UN SDG’s and the work of TFCD.